Stontex Rejuvenator Spray

This is a regular maintenance spray cleaner for natural stone countertops. Specifically for natural stone, as it has diluted sealer included in it to aid in the performance of the initial sealer that would have been applied by fabricator when the countertop was fitted.

Where to Use
Used internally only on natural stone countertops, fireplace surrounds and vanity units.

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Additional information

Application & Time

Easy application in ready to use spray bottle.
Spray directly onto your stone surface. Allow to dwell for a few minutes then buff clean with a micro fibre or any absorbent cloth.


Micro fibre or any absorbent cloth / towel.

Coverage Rate

Ready to use – spray and wipe depends on how badly soiled the surface is but lasts a long time as a general maintenance cleaner.


Safe to use but not recommended for man made material like quartz, ceramic and porcelain.

1. Why cant I use this on my quartz worktop? There is diluted natural stone sealer included in this product which will cause streaks on surface of a man made material like quartz / ceramic. 2. I have a limestone fireplace surround can I use this to clean? Yes this can be used on any internal natural stone surface. 3. Should I seal my granite countertop regularly? Its no harm it will make maintenance easier and the best sealer to use is Stain Proof Impregnating Sealer.  Its preferred by most stone fabricators. For free help and advice, click the link and Ask the Doctor: