High performance silane / silicone based penetrating sealer specifically designed for exterior porcelain paving and internal quartz countertops.
Matt natural dry finish no colour change to the material and as its a penetrating treatment no change to the feel and slip resistance of the material treated.

Where to Use
Used externally on light coloured porcelain paving. Also used internally on Quartz countertops.

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Additional information


Paint tray and roller.
Absorbent towel / micro fibre cloth.

Coverage Rate

10-15 sqm per quart / litre.

Application & Time

Apply just one coat, coverage rate 10-15sqm per quart / litre as material being treated is very dense, coverage rate is very high.
Use a paint tray and roller with foam sleeve apply to clean dry surface, one even coat and allow this to soak into the material for 10mins. Then while still damp buff all residue from the surface so no product is visible on the surface. After a few mins all sealing molecules have penetrated so after 10min you are just removing the ethanol carrier.

1. Can I use this on my natural stone? Technically yes but you will wind up using a lot more product than the correct sealer for the natural stone surface you wish to treat. The exception would be polished granite or marble this sealer could be used for this if you wished. 2. I thought that porcelain paving did not need to be sealed? This is correct but there are many brands of porcelain paving in the marketplace.  They are all factory sealed but performance of these factory sealing can widely differ. Rule of thumb if rainwater discolours your porcelain paving then this sealer will penetrate into those pores and make ongoing maintenance easier than unsealed paving tiles. 3. Once my quartz countertop is sealed what should I use as a general cleaner? Our Stontex Quartz Surface Spray is the ideal ongoing maintenance cleaner food contact safe and will not effect the performance of the sealer. For help and advice click here to Ask the Doctor