This is a professional grade and eco friendly shadow removal treatment, safe to use on even historical buildings.

Where To Use
Used mostly by the trade externally after using Pica Graffiti Remover as sometimes on very porous material there can be a slight shadow left after graffiti is removed.

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Additional information

Application & Time

Only used in certain circumstances after using the Pica Graffiti Remover to remove any shadow that may remain deep in the material being treated. This is more liquid consistency than the Pica Graffiti Remover so use a pump spray applicator to apply the treatment. Agitate with a soft brush then rinse with a steam cleaner.


Low pressure / pump sprayer to apply solution to the material.
Steam cleaner / hot power washer to rinse.

Coverage Rate

Depending on how deep the graffiti paint has penetrated and how porous the material being treated – average 4sqm per litre.


Very safe biodegradable formula can be used on any porous surface.

MSDS Data Sheets


1. Do i have to use this product if i have already used Pica Graffitti Remover? Not unless you can see deeper shadow stains on your material after initially removing your graffiti stains. 2. Can I use this inside my house? Yes but if you have small area with paint / graffiti then our DIY Stontex Power Stripper Plus should solve this easier and it is more cost effective. 3. Once I have removed the remaining graffiti stains should I seal my material? Yes we would recommend using a good high performance sealer which will make ongoing maintenance much easier.   For help and advice, click this link and our experts will help you. https://stonedoctors.ie/ask-the-doctor/