Very popular cleaner sold in many tile shops around the country. Ideal for shower doors and taps especially in hard water areas there is a lot of lime in the water which creates a calcium deposit on glass and chrome taps.

Where to Use
Used internally only on glass shower doors mainly.

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Additional information

Application and Time

Do not dilute. Spray directly onto the calcium stains. Will react by fizzing action on contact then just agitate with a nylon brush and rinse with water.


Nylon brush or sponge to agitate and break down the calcium stain.

Coverage Rate

Depends on the amount of calcium deposit and how long it has been sitting on the surface.


Acidic cleaner so do not use on any acid sensitive surface ie marble or limestone.

MSDS Data Sheets


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1. I live in a hard water area so lots of lime in the water my shower doors are very bad? Our Stontex Limex has an active ingredient that sticks to the glass so regular cleaning with this product will create a film making it more difficult for the calcium / lime deposit to stick to the glass. 2. I have calcium deposit on my exterior paving can I use this product? Technically yes but a more cost effective and stronger product for this exterior area would be our Stontex Cement away. 3. Is there anything I can do to stop this lime / calcium stain from reoccurring? Not really if its in your water except maybe a water filter. If you have calcium / lime deposits on your tiles or paving then sealing the material after you have removed the stains will make it more difficult to stain your surface.