Unique grout restoration product, restores the colour of your grout and this is also a sealer making ongoing maintenance much easier. Comes in a variety of popular colours.

.Where to Use
Used internally on old discoloured grout lines on both floors and walls. It can also be used to uniform the colour shade of grout on a newly laid tile.

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Application and Time

Use a simple small paint brush to apply onto the clean dry existing grout. Allow to dwell on the surface of the grout for 10mins then using a cloth and some neutral cleaner ie Stontex Multi Clean, clean any residue from the edges of the tile. Allow to fully cure for 24 hours before any heavy traffic.
Ensure that the grout has been cleaned in advance with our Stontex Grout 2 New Pre Treat Cleaner spray as this will not only clean the grout but open the pores of the grout making application of the Grout 2 New colour treatment easier and better.


Small paint brush to apply the treatment.
Clean cloth and some neutral cleaner ie Stontex Multi Clean to remove any residue on tiles after application.

Coverage Rate

Average 30 linear meters however depends on width of the grout lines.


Be careful when applying this treatment to grout lines around natural stone tiles. Its very important that any natural stone is sealed correctly prior to treatment of grout lines. Ask the Doctor if your not sure.

1. What should I do if I want to colour treat grout lines around my natural limestone floor tiles? This is possible but you need to be careful and ensure that your limestone tiles are sealed with Stain Proof Impregnating Sealer and allow 24hrs to fully cure before attempting to colour seal the grout lines around it. 2. Do I need to seal my grout / tiles after application of this treatment? No our Stontex Grout 2 New is a colour restorer and sealer all in one. You may need to seal the tile depending on what material it is just Ask the Doctor if you are not sure.