Unique permanent treatment for ceramic and porcelain tiles to increase the slip resistance of the tile.

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Used internally on slippy floor tiles – easy to apply treatment.

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Application and Time

Easy to apply. Pour into a small paint tray and use a foam roller to apply treatment to dry surface of the tile.
Using a small foam roller apply treatment neat evenly onto the surface of the tile. Allow to dwell on the surface for 5 mins.
After 5 mins, rinse surface of the tile with clean water and reapply a second treatment if necessary.


Small paint tray and foam roller.

Coverage Rate

Depending on the surface of the tile and how much you want to increase the slip resistance – approx. 15sqm per litre.


Very strong acidic solution so wear gloves and mask. Only apply to the tile and tape up any other surfaces.


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1. I have a natural limestone tile on my kitchen floor can I use this? We do not recommend to use on natural stone as it can react with natural minerals in stone. Natural stone normally has good slip resistant properties so we would suggest a good deep clean with our Stain Proof Alkaline Cleaner. This will clean and bring back the natural slip resistance of the stone tile. 2. How long will this treatment last? This is a permanent solution as it etchs the surface of the tile putting microscopic pits into the surface creating coefficient of friction under foot. We recommend to use our Stontex Heavy Duty Grime Remover as a general maintenance cleaner to ensure these pits are clean and open, thereby ensuring the slip resistance of the tile is not compromised.   For help and advice Ask the Doctor: