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This is a heavy duty concentrate cleaner that can be used on many surfaces for internal floors ie tiles and natural stone. Can be diluted 1-10 with water use warm / hot water preferably. Ideal for deep cleaning badly soiled internal floor tiles.

Where to use
Used on internal floor tiles including natural stone.  Safe eco friendly formulation with fresh scent.

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Application and Time

Apply diluted max 1 to 20 with water depending on level of staining.
Use a stiff nylon brush to agitate the solution into the surface of your floor tiles. Allow the solution to dwell for 10-15mins after agitation before rinsing with water. Use a steam cleaner to rinse for optimum results.


Stiff nylon brush / Deck brush.
Steam cleaner optional to rinse.

Coverage Rate

Coverage depends on how badly stained your floor tiles are but average 10-15sqm per litre.


Safe eco-friendly formula.

MSDS Data Sheets

1. Can this cleaner be used externally? It could but we have a special heavy duty external cleaner called Stontex All in One Outdoor Cleaner which is the equivalent for external use. 2. Can I use this cleaner on other surfaces in my house ie stone fireplace or countertop? Yes you can.  This cleaner is safe to use on a multitude of surfaces including natural stone, tiles and brick. 3. Should I seal my floor once its deep cleaned? If your floor is natural stone then yes and our Stontex Platinum Stone Sealer is the ideal solution. Also we recommend to use our Stontex Multi Clean as your general maintenance cleaner on sealed or unsealed surfaces. 4. If I have more questions, is there free help available? Yes, just fill in the link below and one of our Stone Doctors will get back to you as soon as possible: Ask the Doctor