A unique safe acid formula used to remove calcium based stains ie cement / grout residue from acid sensitive natural stone ie marble and limestone.

Where to Use
Used internally mainly on sensitive marble / limestone floors but can be used externally on limestone paving also.

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Additional information

Application & Time

Dilute 1 to 5 with water can make stronger if necessary depending on how bad the staining is.
Apply diluted solution to the stained area agitate with a nylon brush then after a few minutes rinse with clean water.


Stiff nylon brush

Coverage Rate

10sqm per quart / litre depending on how much staining on the surface.


Safe acid cleaner but still an acid so always carry out test area first.


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1. Can I use this on my granite paving to remove cement stains? Yes but not necessary as granite is not acid sensitive then our Stontex Cement Away would be a better stronger more effective solution. 2. I have efflorescence on my limestone cladding is this the best solution? Yes as limestone is sensitive then this is the safest product to use to remove this calcium buildup stain normally called efflorescence. 3. When my stone is clean should I seal it? Yes this would be recommended to make ongoing maintenance easier. Ask the Doctor for help and advice.