This is a ph neutral everyday cleaner which is highly concentrated so goes a long way. Its also a disinfectant killing usual household bugs ie e-coli and mrsa. Popular to use on multitude of surfaces ie tiles, stone and laminate.
Where to Use
Used internally only and on tile and stone floors as a general everyday cleaner.

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Additional information

Application and Time

Dilute 1-50 with warm / hot water using a mop & bucket or ideally a steam mop. Suitable and safe to use as an everyday cleaner on internal floor surfaces ie tiles, stone and laminate.
Can be used on polished and matt finished surfaces.


Mop & Bucket or ideally a steam mop which is much more hygienic.

Coverage Rate

Dilute 1-50 with warm / hot water and mop floor as normal.


Safe for use on most surfaces except natural timber floors.

1. I have ceramic tile and natural stone on my floor is this suitable? Yes Stontex Multi Clean can be used on a multitude of floor surfaces. 2. Will this damage any surface? No its a ph neutral everyday cleaner kills mrsa and e-coli bugs so very effective in food areas like kitchen. 3. Should I seal my surface to make cleaning easier? Yes if its natural stone then our Stontex Platinium Stone Sealer is an ideal sealer. If you have ceramic or porcelain tiles its not necessary to seal but if you wish our Stain Proof Porcelain & Quartz sealer can be used on these materials. For Help and Advice, Ask the Doctor