Very popular trigger spray cleaner for removing black mould stains form grout and silicone. Fast acting and long lasting results.
Where to Use
Used internally only on splash backs, bathroom tiles and grout in particular in areas with bad ventilation where mould can grow easily.

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Additional information

Application and Time

Trigger spray application. Spray neat and agitate with a nylon brush, allow to dwell on surface for a few minutes before rinsing with water.


Rough sponge / nylon brush to agitate solution into the material.
Steam cleaner would be ideal to rinse but hot water will suffice if you do not have.

Coverage Rate

Depends on how badly stained the material is approx. 3-5sqm per 500ml bottle.


Will stain clothes so ensure you are wearing old clothes when using this product.

MSDS Data Sheets

1. Can I use this outside on my paving? Technically yes but our Stontex All in One Outdoor Cleaner is stronger concentrate and more cost effective for external use. 2. Can this be used around chrome taps and aluminium shower doors? Yes it is not acidic so safe to used on these surfaces. 3. After I clean my grout should I seal it? Yes it would be recommended and our Stontex Aerosol Spray sealer is the ideal solution. We can also recommend our Stontex Grout 2 New if you wished to restore the colour of your grout as well as sealing it. Ask the Doctor for help and Advice