Unique specially formulated product to break down oil and grease even hydraulic oil which is very difficult to remove. Its a pure concentrate and we recommend its used neat for fast acting and best results.
Where to Use
Used on internal and external surfaces and can be used on any porous material ie stone, concrete and tiles.

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Additional information

Application and Time

Do not dilute. Use neat, saturate spray directly onto your oil stain. Agitate with a nylon brush and leave to dwell for 5-10mins then rinse with power washer.


Nylon brush to agitate cleaner into the stained surface.
Power washer to rinse or steam cleaner for internal surfaces.

Coverage Rate

Depends on nature and amount of stain and how deep its penetrated. It is an oil spot remover. If you have a large area we recommend to first clean your entire area with Stontex All in One Outdoor Cleaner for external area or Stontex Heavy Duty Grime Remover for internal area and then use Oil Spot Spray concentrating on the deeper oil stain spots.


Not suitable for removing oil stains from polished stone countertops our Stain Proof Alkaline Cleaner is best for this material.

1. I have a big patio area that has lots of oil stains how should I tackle this? First clean the entire area with our heay duty general patio cleaner Stontex All in One One Outdoor Cleaner. Then once stone is clean and dry use the Stontex Oil Spot Remover Spray directly onto the deeper visible oil spot stains. 2. My car has leaked oil on our driveway is this the correct product to use? Yes indeed its very effective at removing engine oil, fuel and even hydraulic oil which is notoriously difficult to remove. 3. Once my driveway is clean should I seal it? Yes absolutely depending on the material there is a special sealer to use ie. concrete block pavers use Stontex Paver Plus or for Natural Stone use Stontex Platinum Stone Sealer. For Help and Advice Ask the Doctor