Specifically formulated for penetrating through quartz without changing the look or feel of the material.
Very effective, designed for quartz countertops does not affect the surface finish. Increases the stain resistance properties for both oil and water based stains.

Where to Use
Used on internal quartz countertops only.

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Additional information


Small paint roller and tray to apply.
Absorbent cloth / towel to buff off excess 10mins after application.

Coverage Rate

12sqm of quartz, enough to treat two countertops.


Ensure that you buff excess thoroughly from the surface of the quartz 10 mins after application. Residue will be difficult to remove otherwise.

MSDS Data Sheets

  1. Do you need to seal quartz countertops? It is not necessary to seal as its a man made surface, however some customers complain that it can be difficult to keep clean so we developed this sealer specifically for quartz.
  2. What should I use as a safe everyday cleaner? We developed our Stontex Quartz Surface Spray as a safe regular everyday food contact safe cleaner with a fresh lemon scent that will not effect the performance of the sealer.
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