This is a specially formulated acrylic coating for stone fireplaces hearths and old slate floors. It is a hard wearing treatment ideal for creating a gloss finish on slate.

Where to Use
Use internally only, mainly on fireplace hearths but can be used on old slate floors to make them easier to maintain and clean.

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Additional information

Application and Time

Application is normally two coats depending on the porosity of the stone and the desired finish you require. Apply first coat with a normal paint roller.
It should dry within an hour. Once touch dry apply a second coat. Do not walk on the treated area for at least 12 hours until treatment is fully cured.


Normal short ply paint roller and tray.

Coverage Rate

4sqm per litre with two coats.


Be aware if applied to a slate floor the finish will be slippy.
Do not apply on other stone surfaces as it can discolour.

MSDS Data Sheets

  1. Can I apply on other stone besides slate? We do not recommend as it can discolour the stone and the finish can be patchy.
  2. Why is it only used on slate? Unlike marble or limestone, slate cannot be machine polished as it will delaminate, so a hard wearing coating like this is the only solution for slate if you want a polished shiny finish.
  3. Once sealed what should I use to maintain and keep it looking its best? The best maintenance cleaner would be our Stontex Multi Clean / Stain Proof Daily Floor Cleaner.
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