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High performance, ethanol based impregnating sealer for natural stone. Mainly used on external paving surfaces and is unique with moisture tolerant properties. Very popular with the trade as it dries quickly and keeps the natural look and feel of the stone without effecting the slip resistance.

Where to Use
Use outside on non-polished stone surfaces as it dries very quickly and needs to penetrate into the material properly for optimum results. If you have a polished or very dense smooth exterior paving surface we can recommend the most suitable sealer.

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Surfaces have to be cleaned first with All In One Cleaner and then sealed:

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Application and Time

Apply neat to a clean and dry surface. DO NOT DILUTE. Using a spray applicator, one even coat is normally sufficient.
Watch the video to see how to apply:


Knapsack / Hand held pump sprayer to apply.
Absorbent towel or fluffy roller sleeve to remove any excess sealer 10-15mins after application.

Coverage Rate

8sqm on porous stone for example, limestone. Up to 10sqm on granite per litre.


Do not apply on polished or very smooth stone surfaces.

MSDS Data Sheets

  1. What is the difference between this product and Platinum Stone Sealer? This is an ethanol based high active exterior stone treatment used on high traffic commercial areas so it penetrates deeper and lasts longer than the cheaper water based option.
  2. Will it change the look or make stone slippy? No this is a penetrating treatment so it does not sit on the surface therefore there is no adverse effect to the look or feel of the stone.
  3. What should I use if anything for ongoing cleaning after sealing the stone? The best cleaner to use is our Stontex Green to Clean as you just spray onto the dry stained surface and walk away. The sealer will keep all stains on the surface making it much easier to clean. With this cleaner there is no need for scrubbing or power washing simply spray and walk away then within a few days all algae, moss and lichen stains will be gone.
  4. If I have more questions, is there free help available? Yes, just fill in the link below and one of our Stone Doctors will get back to you as soon as possible: Ask the Doctor