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High performance silane / silicone based colour enhancing sealer for dark coloured natural stones. Matt finish but enhances the colour specifially on dark stones. Also used on black granite countertops as its a food contact safe sealer once cured.

Where to Use
Used internally mainly on dark stone floor tiles and black granite countertops & fireplaces.

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Application and Time

Apply two coats 45 mins apart using a paint roller.
Apply first coat leave to soak into the stone for 20-30mins then apply second coat again leave to soak for another 20-30mins. Then buff with absorbent towel / cloth to remove all excess from the surface should be no sticky residue and dry to touch when your finished treating.


Paint tray and roller.
Absorbent towel / micro fibre cloth.

Coverage Rate

6-8sqm per quart / litre depending on the porosity of the material being treated.


Not advisable to apply this sealer to any light coloured stone / tile as its designed for dark coloured material only.
Also there is a lot of residue from application of this sealer and its imperative that this is buffed thoroughly and dry to touch before you finish.

1. Can I use this sealer on my external black paving? Yes you can but you need to buff really well after application.  This sealer will stay oily on the surface unless buffed thoroughly. We recommend our Stontex Colour Intensifier on exterior paving as it cures much faster and application is much easier. 2. Why would you use this enhancer over the Stontex version? On black granite countertops as its food contact is safe once cured. No reason you cant use this enhancer on any dark /black stone inside or outside just application needs to be done correctly and then performance will last longer then the Stontex branded colour intensifier. 3. Once sealed what should i use for ongoing maintenance? On countertops / fireplaces our Stontex Rejuvenater Spray. On internal floors our Stain Proof Daily Floor Cleaner and on External paving our Stontex Green to Clean.