This is a special treatment for black / dark coloured porcelain.  It enhances the colour and gives a little added protection from stains making ongoing maintenance a little easier.

Where to Use
Use externally on porcelain paving only.


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Additional information

Application and Time

Apply to a clean dry surface. This is a one coat treatment, a very light coat using a flat paint pad or paint roller. You are looking for a nice even coat. Comes out of the bottle white in colour but cures clear. Allow the treatment to penetrate into the porcelain for 15-20 mins. Remove any white residue with a dry cloth or dry roller sleeve.


Flat paint pad / paint roller & tray to apply.
Dry absorbent towel / cloth to remove any excess.

Coverage Rate

15-20sqm per litre, very light one coat application.


Do not apply on anything except porcelain paving slabs.

MSDS Sheets

  1. Can I apply this on light coloured porcelain paving? We recommend a product called Stain Proof Porcelain & Quartz Sealer for all light coloured porcelain paving as it will not change the look of the tile but will make ongoing maintenance easier.
  2. Is it a problem if I overapply this treatment? Yes its an extremely hard wearing micro coating designed to penetrate just below the surface of the porcelain slab, thereby not affecting the anti-slip finish. If you over apply it can be difficult to remove.
  3. What should I use to maintain my porcelain paving after I have it treated? The best product to use is our Stontex Green to Clean.  Simply spray onto the soiled surface and walk away no need to scrub or power wash. Ask the Doctor for help and advice: