This is the ideal sealer for small areas sealing grout lines mainly. Easy spray-on application. One coat.  Can be used by tiler straight after grouting even if the grout is fully cured. Will not yellow or discolour over time like many similar DIY spray sealers.

Where to Use
Used internally mainly on grout line but will work on porous tiles too. Popular in kitchen splash backs and bathrooms.

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Additional information

Application and Time

One coat spray application. It dries invisible so do not worry if it gets on tiles. Used mainly on grout lines making ongoing maintenance easier.


Dry cloth to remove any excess overspray.

Coverage Rate

30 linear meters per 600ml aerosol spray can.


Remove any excess residue using a dry absorbent towel. Cover any timber or metal with masking tape.

  1. Can I use this to seal my external tiles? No as its designed for internal use only predominantly on grout lines.
  2. Will this treatment change the colour of my tiles or grout? No its a natural look matt finish but we always recommend to do a test area first to be 100% sure.
  3. What should I use to clean my grout / tiles after application of this sealer? For general every day cleaning our Stontex Multi Clean / Stontex Heavy Duty Grime Remover.
  4. If I have any more questions, is there free help available? Yes, just click on the link and fill in the form and one of our Stone Doctors will get back to you as soon as possible: Ask the Doctor