This cleaner is specifically designed to safely remove coating / lacquer and surface stains like wax, paint and tar from natural stone surfaces. It will work on many other surfaces also like tiles and brick.

Where to Use
Used on both internal and external surfaces.  It is a safe and effective surface stain remover. Gel formula for ease of application on both flat and vertical surfaces.

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Application and Time

Apply this gel neat onto the effected area and agitate into the surface with a stiff nylon brush. Allow to dwell for 10-15mins before rinsing with clean water. Using hot water will work better if possible.


Stiff bristle nylon brush.
Warm / hot water or ideally a steam cleaner to rinse after application.

Coverage Rate

Depending on how badly stained average 5-10sqm per litre


Safe Eco friendly formula.

1. Is this safe to use on marble and other acid sensitive stones? Yes this is a non acidic gel formula safe to use on multitude of surfaces internal and external. 2. Will this remove graffiti from my brick? This is a DIY surface coating remover so it will remove paint also. However we have a specific commercial grade product for removing graffiti called Pica Graffiti Remover. 3. Once my stains are removed should I seal my material? If your material is porous ie natural stone, brick or render then we recommend to seal and depending on your material we have a sealer that is suitable.