Temporary Protective Coating


This was created especially for Porcelain Paving to form a temporary barrier on the surface of the tiles prior to jointing / grouting. The issue can arise where it is difficult to remove this jointing / grouting residue if it gets stuck on the surface of these exterior porcelain tiles. Mainly used by paving contractors or ideal for DIY enthusiasts as it makes cleaning any surface residue much easier after grouting / jointing the paving.

Where to Use
Used externally only and predominantly for porcelain paving

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Additional information

Application and Time

Application is always two coats apply with a paint roller only DO NOT SPRAY first coat wait for 10-15mins until its touch dry then apply second coat and wait minimum of 1 hour prior to jointing / grouting to ensure treatment is fully cured.

Apply two coats minimum 15 mins apart allow to fully cure for min 1 hour then you can grout. After your grout is hard in the joints clean the surface of the tiles using a soft bristle brush to agitate the surface and a power washer or hose to clean all grout residue effortlessly form the surface of the porcelain paving tile.


Normal 9 inch paint roller and paint tray
Nylon bristle deck brush to agitate the cured treatment in conjunction with hose or power washer to rinse surface of the paving tile.

Coverage Rate

Coverage on porcelain paving 10sqm per litre including both coats.


Do not apply by spraying as you will fill up the joints with the treatment making it harder for the jointing compound to set properly.

MSDS Data Sheets


Can I use this treatment on other materials? Yes is the short answer however it is better to use a correct sealer on porous materials which will serve the same purpose but wont be removed after grouting so your material is sealed and protected from other types of stains also. Why do I need to use this treatment on porcelain paving? This has been formulated specifically to stick to porcelain and is very handy especially when weather is warm as porcelain retains heat more than stone or concrete so the tiles get very hot and when you apply the jointing compound / grout it dries extremely quickly on the surface making it very difficult and time consuming to remove. Can the general public use this product? Normally it is used by your paving contractor / builder that are laying your porcelain paving. Do I need to seal my porcelain paving? Normally this is not nessesary but guideline is if water can penetrate the surface and darken your porcelain paving then we have a sealer that you can use depending on whether you want a natural or wet look finish. Yes, just fill in the link below and one of our Stone Doctors will get back to you as soon as possible: Ask the Doctor