Stontex Rooftile Enhance & Protect


This is a specifically formulated colour enhancing sealer for fibre cement roof tiles. It is UV stable and uses a high performance black pigment to re colour existing worn roof tiles to bring them back to look like new. As this is a penetrating sealer also it makes ongoing maintenance much easier keeping your tiles looking good long into the future.

Where to Use
Used on external black / grey roof tiles both fibre cement and natural slate.

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Additional information

Application & Time

Application is always two coats pick a dry day to apply. Then apply first coat evenly on clean dry surface using a normal short ply paint roller. Wait for min 1 hour until touch dry then apply a second coat.


Normal short ply paint roller.

Coverage Rate

5sqm per litre with both coats.


Do not spray and be careful not to get this onto anything other than the roof tile you are treating as there is a high performance black pigment in this treatment that will be difficult to remove.

Can I apply this treatment on natural slate roof tiles? Yes just ensure that original colour of your tiles are black / grey and one coat may be sufficient on slate as its much denser than fibre cement / concrete tiles. What do I do if it rains during application? Dont panic just stop applying and use an absorbent towel or cloth to dry any treatment that is not touch dry already then suspend application until weather is dry. Do I need to use an product to maintain my newly colour treated roof tiles? Now that your roof tiles are sealed they will be much easier to clean but it would be goon to spray our Stontex Green to Clean once a year diluted 1 to 5 with water pick a dry day and just spray and walk away this will remove any stubborn algae that may be on the tiles and also stop any algae rrom forming on the surface. Ask the Doctor for help and advice