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Stontex Rust Remover is ph neutral and is suitable for cleaning all types of natural stone, ceramic and porcelain tiles. Removes rust and rust discolouration from acid sensitive stone. Unique non acidic gel formula means can be used on most surfaces including vertically.

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Suitable for internal and external use on natural stone, tiles, concrete, tarmacadam and brick.

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Rust-Off is a ready-to-use heavy-duty rust remover suitable for use on many types of natural stone without causing damage. It is very effective for dissolving problematic rust stains. Causes for these stains may be iron-containing fertilizers, metal garden furniture, leaking heating systems. Repeat application in case of unsatisfactory results. Some stone and coloured concrete may change colour after treatment with Rust-Off.

Apply neat – do not dilute, agitate with a stiff nylon brush, allow to dwell on the stone for about 5mins then rinse really well with hose or power washer. Repeat if necessary to remove all iron oxide / rust stains.

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Stiff nylon brush
Power washer / hose


Do not allow to dwell on the stone for longer than 10mins, rinse really well with power washer as the iron / rust has been turned from solid to liquid and is enveloped in the gel hence the purple colour needs to be rinsed thoroughly.

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  1. Paul

    I had horrible rust stains on my limestone, I didnt know how to remove it. I contacted Stonedoctors and I got a fantastic product which removed the stains easily.

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  1. After application this purple colour is still visible? This will disappear after a day or two use power washer and a little Stontex All in One Outdoor Cleaner to speed this up.
  2. Is it normal to turn such a dark shade of purple? Yes the more rust / iron oxide in your material the darker it will turn. Ensure you keep rinsing with power washer until all this purple is gone.
  3. Would it be important to seal your stone after its clean? Yes we would recommend to seal your material once its clean and dry this will make ongoing maintenance much easier, Check with the Stone Doctor for the correct sealer for your material.
  4. If I have more questions, is there free help available? Yes, just fill in the link below and one of our Stone Doctors will get back to you as soon as possible: Ask the Doctor