This a synthetic stone soap for internal floors it contains some acrylic wax to bring up a sheen on a natural stone floor, but can also be used on matt finish tiles and terracotta tiles.

Where to Use
Used internally only and on tile and stone floors as a general everyday cleaner.

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Application and Time

Dilute into warm water and mop onto the floor, brings up the sheen on a dull floor. This solution will fade and need to be re applied regularly to maintain finish.


Mop & Bucket or ideally a steam mop which is much more hygienic.

Coverage Rate

1L bottle makes enough to cover 100sqm diluted at 1-10 with warm / hot water.


Do not use on polished stone / tile surfaces as it will dull the natural polish finish on these surfaces.


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1. Can I use this on my external porcelain paving tiles? No this is a stone soap with some diluted acyrilic sealer to produce a sheen on dull internal stone / tile floors. 2. How long will this last on my floor tile? Depends on wear and tear but usually a few weeks up to a few months. If you want a more permanent solution on natural stone you could get the stone professionally polished. 3.Can I seal my tile to make it easier to maintain? Yes on natural stone our Stontex Platinium Stone Sealer on ceramic / porcelain. Its not necessary to seal but if you wish our Stain Proof Porcelain & Quartz Sealer is the ideal product. For help and advice Ask the Doctor