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Specific sealer for concrete block paving with sand in the joints as it both seals the surface of the blocks and hardens the kiln dried sand in the joints at the same time.
Very popular treatment for concrete block pavers as it protects the surface from oil and water based staining and inhibits weeds from growing up through the joints.
Used in commercial and domestic driveways.  Sand is consolidated but does not stick to the side of the blocks so it binds the sand together allowing it to be flexible which is necessary for this type of paving solution.

Where to Use
Used on exterior concrete block paving only.

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Application and Time

One coat application using a watering can with rose attachment and a rubber squeegee so that you get good penetration of the treatment into the sand for long lasting results.
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Watering can with rose attachment and rubber squeegee to apply
Dry fluffy roller sleeve and long handle roller to remove any excess sealer if any visible 20mins after application.

Coverage Rate

Using a watering can and squeegee – 4sqm per litre. This is best for long lasting deep penetration of treatment into the sand.
Using a knapsack sprayer you will get 6-8sqm per litre with adequate surface protection however not as good depth of penetration into the sand.


Ensure that any white residue from the treatment is removed using a fluffy dry roller if any is still visible 20mins after application.

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  1. Why can I not use this on other paving materials? Paver Plus is a water based acrylic treatment only suitable to penetrate through porous concrete block paving with a special consolidating agent to harden the kiln dried sand in the joints.
  2. My pavers are power washed clean is that enough prior to sealing? No we recommend that our Stontex All in One Outdoor Cleaner is used to clean your paving prior to using any sealer as it ensures that the material is disinfected and free from any fungus / lichen spores that power washing alone would not remove.
  3. Once treated what should I use that is safe for ongoing cleaning / maintenance? The ideal cleaner would be our Stontex Green to Clean.  Simply spray onto the dry soiled surface and walk away then within a few days all your organic moss and algae stains will be gone.
  4. If I have more questions, is there free help available? Yes, just fill in the link below and one of our Stone Doctors will get back to you as soon as possible: Ask the Doctor