Trade grade two part epoxy adhesive extremely high strength product used to stick large format stone tiles vertically.

Where To Use
Used internally and externally fast initial grab adhesion ideal for sticking stone vertically.


Additional information

Application and Time

Two part product mix equal parts from tub A and B.
Mix what you need. Open time once you start mixing A&B together is about 5-7mins before it goes hard.
Whatever you are sticking together, ensure that you have prepped and it is clean and ready before use.
Mix together equal parts from tub A and tub B. Once mixed thoroughly together for 60 seconds, you have about 5 mins to use it before adhesive goes off.


Metal spatula to mix parts A & B together.

Coverage Rate

1kg of mixed adhesive is enough to spot stick 5sqm of stone.


Do not contaminate tubs with residue from each others adhesive. Use a different spatula when removing product from each tub.

1. I have a stone urinal I want to stick to the wall free standing can I use this? Yes in conjunction with metal fixing this will insulate the metal fixing from rusting and increase the overall bond between both surfaces. 2. Can I use this to stick my countertop? Yes epoxy adhesive like this is a much stronger bond than traditional single part glues or adhesives. 3. Could I stick glass or metal with this adhesive? Yes epoxy adhesive will stick anything to anything. In the case of smooth metal you would need to score the metal first to give it something to grip onto.