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Professional grade silicone based penetrating sealer made in USA and is a permanent solution for protecting natural stone surfaces. Unique technology that lines the inside of the microscopic pores of the stone and permanently bonds inside the pores. It is a fully breathable and invisible treatment so does not change the look or feel of the material being treated. Long lasting protection from both oil and water based stains, UV protection and extremely effective weather resistant properties making the treated material look like new with minimum maintenance long into the future.

Where to Use
Used for protecting exterior natural stone & brick cladding, marble and limestone floors & fireplace surrounds and granite worktops.

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Apply 2x coats 10 mins between each coat wet on wet. Then 10 mins after application of the second coat even if treatment is still damp remove any excess product using a soft fluffy roller sleeve or absorbent towel / cloth.


knapsack sprayer for large areas, or paint tray and roller.
Absorbent towel / cloth or fluffy absorbent roller sleeve for big areas.
Absorbent towel / micro fibre cloths or fluffy sleeve roller to remove excess.

Coverage Rate

6-10sqm per quart / litre depending on porosity of the material.


Very important to remove any excess product on the surface of the treated material so that sealer penetrates and cures inside the material not on the surface. Dry matt natural finish after treatment just the same look as when untreated – stone is clean and dry only that water will not penetrate anymore.

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1. I have natural stone and brick on my façade can I use this on both materials? Yes indeed Stain Proof Impregnating Sealer can be used on any porous building material ie stone, brick, concrete and render. 2. My granite worktop is hard to keep clean is this the sealer to use? Yes absolutely this is the sealer used by most countertop fabricators to seal granite, marble and polished concrete worktops. 3. After sealing my exterior surface do I need to use a specific maintenance cleaning product? Normally once sealed any exposed treated surface will be kept clean by weather however to ensure the whole area is free from moss and algae build up it would be a good idea to use our Stontex Green to Clean once a year just spray and walk away no need for scrubbing or power washing. For help and expert advice, Ask the Doctor